Eco Park



Welcome to GMOZERO’s Eco Park - Part of our commitment to delivering a GMO-free life.

At GMOZERO® our mission to create a GMO-free future is more than just a marketing slogan.

Our business philosophy is centered around a commitment to building and safe-guarding sources of non-GMO products, educating consumers and our customers, and providing verified non-GMO choices.

That’s why we are proud to be a founding partner in the Eco Park in South-West Hungary (7682 Bükkösd, 066/2 hrsz.).

The Eco Park has been designed to educate the general public on how and why organic farming works in harmony with nature and is testament to our goal to help create a sustainable future.

Part educational project, part holiday retreat, our Eco Park is a great place to retreat to and reconnect with nature, and includes a model working organic farm.

We look forward to seeing you here one day!