Quality Management System

As a manufacturer of flour and bakery ingredients at the farm end of the food chain, our goal is to help ensure that your customers are able to enjoy bread and baked goods without any worries about GMO contamination.

And as a partner to many bakery and food manufacturers, we want you to have 100% confidence that we will always supply nothing less than the highest quality GMO-free ingredients.

Controlled GMO-free products


So how do we achieve this?

At GMOZERO® our products follow a Quality Management System that rigorously enforces quality and food safety, ensuring intensive raw material control through our hi-tech production methods.

We regularly test our crop to ensure that our produce meets the highest quality standards for spelt flour. This is achieved by continuous, thorough monitoring and analytical testing of production at critical points in the supply chain – to verify that GMO contamination is below GMOZERO® 's production threshold for seed and other propagation materials (0.25%) and (0.9%) for food and food products ingested or used directly on the skin.

Every batch of incoming raw material, every processing step within our manufacturing process and every batch of manufactured product which leaves our company is permanently and without exception subjected to these quality controls.

That’s why at GMOZERO® we can always guarantee the purest and consistent quality bakery and food ingredients.

Key parts of our Quality Management System:

  • Consistent implementation of GMOZERO® Quality Management System & Processes
  • Product quality begins with raw materials
  • Hi-tech production facility ensures hygiene & product quality reliability
  • Systematic and risk-conscious quality control processes
  • Certification for standardized quality